About Tammy Trayer

Tammy Trayer ~ WriterWelcome…

Well, this is me, Tammy Trayer,  energetic, large teethy smile, ready to embrace the world…..  I am a  Christian, web designer, freelance writer, soon to be author, avid outdoorswoman, homesteader, pioneer, frugally self sufficient, Momma of two beautiful children, homeschool teacher and advocate for one amazing young Mountain Boy, married to my best friend – my cowboy and my Mountain Man of my dreams.

Am I blessed?  Beyond belief…  Has life always been easy – NO WAY, but through my struggles and challenges of life I have been made stronger and more appreciative of the continuous blessings around me.  I find God’s grace in EVERY situation that comes my way.

I want my spirit to shine through in my writing and my goal is to reach just one person each day with a new hope.