Choosing An Optimistic Life

Life is a choice I choose HappinessLife, my friend, is a choice.  We must remember to remind ourselves of this daily.

It is easy to get caught up in the drama of day to day living with the negative media and the unfortunate events that we often experience, but it is important to remember that our actions, how we respond to things, and our feelings are a choice.

Is your cup half full or half empty?

Many people know the expression oh to well about seeing your glass half full or half empty.  I choose to first to be thankful that I have a glass!  Not that it could be half empty or have full, but that I just have a glass.

I’ve been told at times that I am living behind my pink shady glasses.  There were definitely instances in my life that this was very true, but you can be an optimistic person without running the risk of getting yourself run over.

By embracing all things in my life optimistically, I have found that it allows me to be more open to seeing the smallest of blessings in the dead heat of opposition.

While you are wasting time worrying

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  1. George Stotz says

    Life is a precious gift and we can choose to embrace the good things in life or focus on the negative, I am heartened that there are folks like yourself that choose to focus on the positive.

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