I am a God fearing wife, mom, web designer, author, writer, a butcher, a baker, a soap and candle maker, a huntress, a homesteader, a pioneer, an avid outdoorswoman, a wilderness survivalist, an autism advocate, a gardener, a canner, an apprentice apiary, a forever optimist, a survivor, an embracer of dreams, a lover of traditional and primitive skills and an off-grid simple living girl that requires an IV to the outdoors.....

Thank you so much for joining me. My articles can be found in The New Pioneer Magazine, American Frontiersman, Survivor's Edge, Self Reliance Illustrated, Prepare Magazine, Personal and Home Defense Magazine, Cabin Life Magazine and Backwoodsman Magazine. I have several books and e-books in the works so please subscribe to my newsletter below for updates. The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook ~ Homesteading The Traditional Way ~ Volume 1 is on sale now!

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Self Reliance Illustrated Issue #20 includes 3 of my articles

  In March, my first 2 articles debuted in Self Reliance Illustrated’s Issue #19.  It was quite an honor for me to be printed in this magazine. Our family has been receiving these magazines from the day the 1st issue was printed.  At the time I could have never in a million years, as the saying […]

Choosing An Optimistic Life

Life, my friend, is a choice.  We must remember to remind ourselves of this daily. It is easy to get caught up in the drama of day to day living with the negative media and the unfortunate events that we often experience, but it is important to remember that our actions, how we respond to […]